Friday, 27 February 2015

Idli Milagai Podi

I am always lazy to prepare this chutney powder because of standing in front of stove and keep on stirring the black gram and Bengal gram to golden colour.So whenever my mom visits me I just tell her to do this she happily obliges and does all the roasting work i just grrr(Grind in mixer) and store it but it lasts only for a week or maximum for 10 days.Again I am all lazy to do and my husband keeps asking where is the chutney powder why cant you make it????? 
So this time I decided "I WILL PREPARE CHUTNEY POWDER" regularly and make sure I never run out of it.

This chutney powder is also known as gun powder in Andhra Pradesh.Each one have a different set of ingredients or method to prepare this versatile chutney powder.I follow the recipe given by Pankaj bhadouria (Master chef India 1st series winner)long back in a cookery show.You can make this powder and stock it, while using you just have to take the required quantity and add sesame oil or ghee and make a paste of it, I some times use refined oil also (oil in which some item has already been deep fried)and mix it nicely. Apart from having it traditionally with idly/dosa you can also make podi idly, podi dosa, Podi saadham or add it to any dry subzis ... I am sure if there is chutney powder at home
you always gobble extra idlis and extra dosas. so here is the recipe

Black Gram/Urad dhal 1cup
Bengal Gram/channa dhal 1cup
Red chillies (Byadagi) 10(for colour)
Salem red chillies 8-10
Sesame seeds 2-3 Tbsp
Salt as required
Oil 1-2 Tbsp

1.Dry roast sesame seeds and keep aside
2.Heat 2 Tbsp oil and roast the red chillies in a low flame drain the oil and keep aside
3.In the same oil add black gram/urad dhal and roast it till it becomes golden brown
(if you have one urad dhall it should be crunchy not chewable) and keep aside.
follow the same for bengal gram and channa dhall
4.let all the ingredients cool completely.
5.Grind red chillies, salt and sesame seeds first and then add dhals and grind in to a coarse powder.
6.Transfer the contents to an air tight box and serve whenever required by mixing it with oil/ghee.

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