Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hot Chocolate

I have had chocolate milkshake many times but never had "hot chocolate". Once I saw hot chocolate recipe in a food show and wanted to give it a try but compromised myself thinking it would just taste like any other chocolate drink...but I was wrong, recently I tried the recipe from their website here it tasted yummmm (I have kept the ingredients and the method same but quantity i have altered). You will get 1 cup of hot chocolate milk.


Milk 1 cup
cocoa powder 1-2 Tbsp
Sugar 1Tbsp
Grated Dark Chocolate 1-2 Tbsp
Water 1 Tbsp

1. Boil the milk and keep aside.
2. In a pan add water, sugar, Cocoa powder, grated chocolate let it boil and stir.
3. Once the chocolate and sugar is completely dissolved add the milk and stir once.
4. Remove from the flame and transfer it to a mug or cup serve hot.

*Sugar quantity can be adjusted as per the bitterness of chocolate and cocoa powder or as per your taste.
*If the cocoa powder is not very fine you might find some floating particles on the hot chocolate nothing to worry just strain and have it.

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