Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ragi Dosa

Ragi is also commonly known as finger millet has a very high nutritional value, its called "kezhvaragu" in Tamil. My mom used to prepare Ragi mudde and rotti, i remember during my initial days of marriage I tried to make ragi dosa and it was a utter flop then I never dared to try again. Until recently I found the proper recipe in a cook book. I followed the exact measurements and procedure and hurray I ended making thin, crispy and excellent dosa (and not to forget healthy too). I did this 2-3 times and not even once there was leftover  batter isn't it great. Here is the recipe

Ragi flour 2cup
Urad dhall/Black gram 1/2 cup(soaked for 1 hour)
Salt as required
cooking soda 1Tsp
Oil 2 Tsp for each dosa

1.Grind soaked urad dhall in to a fine paste using mixer or grinder and keep aside.
2.Mix Ragi flour, water and salt to a dosa batter consistency(make sure there are no lumps).
3.Now add the black gram batter and mix nicely(use hand or whisk)
4.Pour water if necessary and adjust the consistency.
5.Add cooking soda and mix nicely
6.Heat a tava(I used Iron skillet) and pour dosa in a ladle as you do for regular dosa and spread
as thinly as possible.Put oil, flip and cook then on both sides.
7.Serve hot with coriander or tomato chutney.

*Add water little by little you might make the batter very runny and watery.
*Instead of oil you can use ghee or butter also.

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