Thursday, 16 April 2015

Rose Milk

I have very fond memories of this rose milk beverage. Whenever I visited my Granny's place for summer vacation I used to have this drink in juice shop and also few times during my trip to Tamil nadu.

Its been since many years I had this drink and I had almost forgot this.
Few weeks back when I was travelling along with my husband we stopped for lunch at a hotel, when we were busy eating lunch, my eyes Suddenly noticed a poster written "Rose milk available here" the moment I saw it all my rose milk memories got refreshed and I knew I have to have it. But to my utter disappointment there was no stock that day.

After few days I saw rose milk essence(it gives pink colour+rose flavour)in a nearby supermarket, I brought it immediately and tried this rose milk. All you need is rose essence, sugar, milk and ice cubes.

Rose milk essence


Milk 1 cup
Sugar as required
Rose essence 4-6 drops
Ice cubes as required

Blend everything in a blender for 30-40 seconds and serve chilled.

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